Upper Valley Cares is a nonprofit organization that offers free mental health care services to everyone throughout the Upper Valley communities that includes Leavenworth, Lake Wenatchee, Plain, Peshastin, Dryen and Blewitt (within Cascade School District). 

We focus on the four main barriers to mental health care that include:

  • Improving access to mental health resources
  • Providing financial assistance when needed
  • Individual awareness of need for services
  • Overcoming erroneous beliefs on the benefits of good mental health  

How We Can Help

We are here for you and we want to help. 

We offer teletherapy mental health services. Teletherapy is a newer and innovative method of providng mental health services that has become very popular as it offers many benefits to the client.  By the use of teletherapy, the client will be able to receive personal and private therapy anywhere that they want to receive the therapy as long as they have Internet access and the use of a device with a camera and a mircophone such as a cell phone, iPad, notebook or computer. Additionally, teletherapy allows us to build a network of therapists with a wide range of specialties which brings more expansive mental health therapy options to the community.     


  • Teletherapy is a mental health service that is provided via the Internet so that clients and therapists do not have to be in the same place at the same time.
  • At Upper Valley Cares, we use secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing so that clients and providers can connect with each other wherever they are.
  • Research has indicated that teletherapy is as good as in-person therapy.
  • Through teletherapy, you can connect with the provider who is right for you.


  • More relaxing approach to counseling
  • Clients choose their own location and time for counseling sessions. Day/time is based upon counselor’s availability.
  • Complete privacy – No one else will know that you are receiving counseling services.
  • Children 13 years of age and older can receive services without parental consent.


  • Teletherapy sessions are scheduled just like regular therapy appointments and last for 50 minutes.
  • At Upper Valley Cares, we will first understand what your needs are and then will connect you to your therapist via secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing.
  • Your session would be virtually the same as if it was being conducted in-person.

~ ~ ~ 

Below, please find frequently asked questions about our service.  If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.     

What is teletherapy?
It is traditional therapy delivered in an innovative way via the Internet. 
Will I see the therapist and will the therapist see me?
Yes.  You will be able to fully interact with your therapist and be able to see and hear each other. 
Can I really be anywhere I want to be during my counseling session such as in my car, at my home, in my bedroom etc.?
Yes and we are very excited to offer this to everyone.  You will be able to particpate in your counseling any place that you are most comfortable and are able to have full privacy.    
Is there set hours/days that are available for counseling?
All days and hours are available based upon the availability of each therapist.  Each therapist will offer their hours and sessions will be scheduled within that availability.
What areas of specialties will be offered?
This is one of the aspects that we are very excited about.   As we add more therapists (we can bring on many) to our network, we will ultimately be able to offer therapuetic services in all areas of counseling. 
What if I don't have insurance or I can't afford my copays or deductible?  
From our perspective, what is most important is that everyone receive the mental health services that they need and we do not want anyone to worry about finances.  We can provide assistance through our fund.  The availability of funding is based upon funds received through grants and donations.  Privately, we will review your financial need and go from there. 
Will you bill insurance?
Yes.  You will not have to worry about anything.  If you have a compelling reason why you would not want your insurance billed then we will not bill your insurance.   
Are the therapist qualified?
Yes.  All therapists are fully screened that includes license, insurance, Washington State Department of Health compliance and findings and criminal history verifications.    
Is UVCares the only option for mental health services?
UVCares is one option available to the Upper Valley communities.  There are multiple options for mental health services that include private providers in Leavenworth and additional providers in Wenatchee and East Wenatchee.  You will always be able to choose your mental health provider.   
Do I have to leave my current mental health provider?
No.  A good therapuetic relationship between a client and their therapist is important.  Additionally, continuity of care is important in all areas of care.  We encourage everyone to remain with their current provider in which they have already developed a good therapuetic relationship. 
Is teletherapy via UVCares available to everyone?
At this point, services are available only to those that reside within the Cascade School District.  
What do I need to do to start therapy?
If you feel that UVCares can help, contact us and you will be taking one step forward to improving your overall health.

At Upper Valley Cares, we believe in the basic premise that physical and emotional well being

are equally important for the overall health of every person and should be accessible to all.